Rikleen Institute LLC

Best Practices in Personal Marketing for Women Attorneys - Webinar

April 25, 2006
Web Seminar
SAGE Law Marketing

The New York Times reported recently on the challenges still confronting women attorneys today, noting that still only 17% of partners at major law firms nationwide were women in 2005. Join our two accomplished guest speakers for a Web seminar focused on the specific challenges that women attorneys face in building their legal business. They disclose some of the proven best practices that women are using to advance their careers.

Our speakers include:

Lauren Stiller Rikleen, a successful partner in a Boston-based firm who has recently published a highly discussed book on how women can thrive in today’s legal profession, Ending the Gauntlet: Removing Barriers to Women's Success in the Law

• Jennifer Zimmerman, an associate marketing all-star who has already made an impact on her local market and her firm’s position through personal initiative, alliance-building and entrepreneurial action

See how women partners and associates are using their prowess at marketing and selling to further their careers. Our speakers will give you specific how-to tips and practical advice that you can use to grow your practice and build your professional reputation in 2006.

Questions to be covered include:

• What can we learn from recent research and experience about the challenges that women attorneys face?

• How does business development affect the career progress of women associates?

• How has marketing success propelled some women from associate to a respected partner?

• What new opportunities for women are emerging from current market forces and the shifting client environment?

• What specific marketing initiatives have been proven to be especially valuable for women?

• How have these initiatives landed new clients, sold additional work and strenghtened personal reputations?

• How can women find the time to do marketing and garner the firm support necessary for marketing programs to work?

• How can women attorneys find the allies they need to stand out from the crowd?

• How have women associates built business in the early stages of their careers?