Rikleen Institute LLC

Keeping the Troops Loyal: The Top 5 Attorney Retention Strategies

May 7, 2008
60-minute, CLE-accredited Webinar
JD Bliss

During this 60-minute, CLE-accredited webinar, attorney retention specialists Lauren Stiller Rikleen, Esq. and Joshua Fruchter, Esq. will review key strategies to reduce lawyer turnover and keep your firm's attorneys loyal, happy, and motivated.

This course is CLE accredited in the following States: New York (1.0 credit hour, nontransitional). CLE accreditation is being sought in additional states.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to distinguish your firm as a great place to work
  • The top 10 work/life balance initiatives used by firms to increase retention rates
  • How career development programs improve attorney loyalty and morale
  • Why management training is critical to a firm's retention efforts
  • How to use compensation as a retention tool
  • And much more. . . .