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To Opt In or Opt Out, That is the Question

March 3, 2008
Women's Bar Association Panel at Suffolk University Law School

Work-life balance has always been one of the institutional impediments to women's success in the practice of law. Join panelists Lauren Stiller Rikleen, Nina E. Kallen and Amy Baker Mandragouras for a discussion on related topics.

  • How to approach career decisions relating to work-life balance
  • How the legal profession is adapting to address work-life balance
  • How much law firms should do to accommodate an attorney's need for work-life balance
  • The perceived or real need to leave large firm practice for a smaller firm or go solo to achieve work-life balance
  • Whether solo and small firm practice provides work-life balance
  • How the work-life balance trend towards gender neutrality will affect the future of the legal profession