Rikleen Institute LLC

Mastering the Art of the Ask: Key Tips to Realizing Your Professional Value

May 17, 2011
American Bar Association

Lauren Stiller Rikleen will be speaking at an ABA Young Lawyers Division conference that focuses on career advancement, business generation, and mentorship.

Program Details include: Instead of waiting for institutional changes, many young female attorneys are taking matters into their own hands. They are arming themselves with information, advice, mentors, and skills to help them take initiative and advance their careers. This Program will offer valuable advice and discuss the following:

Professional Opportunities

1.Getting placed on high profile/top cases

2.Requesting challenging and high reward assignments

3.Taking credit/recognition of work

4.How to take on leadership roles

•Compensation Negotiation

1.Determining what you are worth (Self-Valuation)

2.Preparation for Reviews/Compensation Discussions

3.Negotiation Approach

4.Offering counter-offer/proposals

•Business Development/Networking

1.Approaching potential clients at networking events

2.Maximizing referrals as a potential source of business

3.Developing relationships

4.Making the ask of a potential client/Closing the deal

For more information on the conference, click here.