Lauren Rikleen Receiving an Award

Ladder Down: Success Strategies For Lawyers From Women Who Will Be Hiring, Reviewing And Promoting You

December 5, 2016

The path to success for lawyers is harder than ever.  Excellence at one’s craft is simply a baseline.  Lawyers also face the challenges of developing a specialty, maintaining and bringing in new clients, undertaking organizational leadership roles, participating in professional associations, and engaging in one’s community.

Each of these challenges can represent either tremendous opportunity or overwhelming stress.  The goal is to meet these challenges with a sense of excitement at what the future holds.

Ladder Down: Success Strategies For Lawyers From Women Who Will Be Hiring, Reviewing And Promoting You offers lawyers – and law students – a guidepost for meeting the challenges of law practice with enthusiasm.  It is written for women and men who seek a satisfying career in the law.  

In Ladder Down, well-known author Lauren Stiller Rikleen offers an easy-to-read, hopeful, optimistic view of a profession that has been under siege.  It reminds lawyers why they went to law school, and helps them reclaim their enthusiasm for practicing law. 

A unique feature of this book is that it contains advice from successful women practitioners around the globe.  The advice works as much for men as it does for women, and covers such topics as:

  • Developing a niche practice – and understanding the link between your brand and your niche
  • Developing leadership skills and using them to make a difference
  • How to find and work with mentors and champions
  • Rethinking the word “networking”
  • Implementing proven strategies for generating business
  • Advocating on behalf of your accomplishments 
  • Recognizing the business imperative for work-life integration strategies, and understanding their connection to generational shifts taking place
  • Reflections on a changing profession

Ladder Down is the perfect resource for lawyers and law students who seek practical and accessible strategies for success in the legal profession.