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11/22/2010 Book Review: Success Strategies for Women Lawyers by Lauren Stiller Rikleen
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09/29/2010 Girl Scouts to honor Wayland resident
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12/09/2009 Pride -- and Trepidation by Yvonne Abraham
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10/19/2009 Evaluated to (Career) Death by Lauren Stiller Rikleen Appears in Multiple Publications
09/30/2009 Looks Like Bias Lingers: Senatorial Candidates Stereotyped by Lauren Stiller Rikleen
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08/12/2009 Focus on the Best Law Firms - The Curious Case of the Flexible Lawyer by Katherine Bower
07/15/2009 Sotomayor on the Court: What Business Can Expect by Mark Koba, Senior Editor, CNBC
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06/30/2009 Women in the High Court: Shattering the Glass Ceiling by Corie Russell
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05/06/2009 High Court Pick Should Be A Woman by Lauren Stiller Rikleen
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04/30/2009 Are Women More Difficult Bosses for Female Attorneys? by Kevin Fayle
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