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Lauren Stiller Rikleen is nationally known as an engaging and dynamic speaker who brings insight, research-based rigor, and gentle humor to each presentation. She maintains an active speaking schedule and is available to present on a variety of topics of importance in today's workplace, including: 

  • Understanding generational differences and creating successful multigenerational teams:  Lauren approaches the topic of generational issues in the workplace in a nuanced, thoughtful, research-based, and entertaining way.  She challenges the stereotypes, offering alternative theories that demystifies perceived generational differences.  Lauren also provides concrete tips and strategies that ensure institutional excellence and strengthened workplace teams.
  • Minimizing the impacts of unconscious bias in the workplace:  Lauren provides a clear understanding of the fascinating research underpinning the science of unconscious bias and the way our brains quickly reach conclusions, often in advance of our explicit decisions.  These biases impact many of the workplace structures that affect career growth and opportunities, such as the assignment and evaluation processes.  Lauren offers examples of the ways in which unconscious bias influences all of us, and delivers specific strategies for combatting its impacts.
  • Retention and advancement of women:  As a former law firm equity partner, a leader in community and professional organizations, and the author of a ground-breaking book addressing institutional impediments to women’s success, Lauren brings decades of research and life experiences to her presentations on women’s retention and advancement.  Lauren also focuses on ways women can advance into leadership roles and why it matters.
  • Designing and implementing a successful Women’s Initiative:  Affinity networks can be a critical way for women – and men – to work together to address barriers to advancement.  Lauren details what an effective Women’s Initiative is and isn’t, and describes how to build an affinity network that aligns women’s advancement and organizational strategies. 

Lauren customizes her presentation for the needs and goals of her audience.  For a list of previous and upcoming events, please click here.

To inquire about Lauren's availability and discuss possible topics for your event, please contact her directly at LRikleen [at] RikleenInstitute [dot] com