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In February 2017, The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals held a workshop for its community and federal defenders.  Ms. Rikleen presented on “The Changing Work Force – Developing Effective Inter-generational Teams”  The defenders (and judges in attendance) enjoyed the program, finding the information presented useful and the discussion lively.  Ms. Rikleen is an excellent and engaging speaker. We would love to have her back again!

Tina Brier, Assistant Circuit Executive, Office of the Circuit Executive for the Ninth Circuit 

I had the pleasure of seeing Lauren present "Millennials in the Workplace" during a business seminar hosted by our bank and I knew I had to have her present to our leadership team.  Lauren's presentation was insightful and really gave all of us much to think about.  We all enjoyed the healthy dialogue during her presentation as well as the opportunity to discuss our "real life" situations which allowed us to walk away with useful tips and tools that we could use to help us motivate and retain our millennial workforce.  Thank you Lauren for bringing your knowledge and wisdom to our team.

Cristie Plant, Human Resources Director at Alpha Analytical

"We invited Lauren to speak to over 250 economic development, business, and political leaders in northwest Ohio regarding the challenges employers face in addressing the multi-generational workforce.  Lauren’s talk exceeded our expectations and provided actionable steps for employers to take to address our region’s workforce development challenges.  Her ability to not only challenge existing myths about millennials as well as provide insights into their workplace expectations was exceptional.  In addition, her presentation was engaging, funny, and attention-grabbing.  We would highly recommend Lauren for a variety of speaking engagements as her insights and strategies can improve and inform the private, public and non-profit sectors".

Russell Mills and Will Burns, Center for Regional Development, Bowling Green State University

"Thank you for your fabulous presentation to the Boston Bar Association's Recently Elected Partners Forum.  You were so generous with your time and your insights.  The audience was engaged and thoroughly enjoyed our discussion.  You gave  us many ideas to continue to think about and discuss."

Shannon Lynch, Partner, Beck Reed Riden LLP

"Lauren Stiller Rikleen was an excellent guest presenter at our bank’s Business Success Seminar educating the business audience on the common myths and perceptions about 'Millennials in the Workplace'  and how to develop stronger multi-generational workplace teams. Despite the early hour, the room was totally engaged, asking numerous questions and sharing real-life experiences. Lauren was terrific in providing historical context of why Millennials might view the world and act as they do. She also offered some go forward strategies as to how businesses might attract and retain what is now the largest and perhaps most complex demographic population that will make up  over 50% of the workforce within the next five years."

Mike McAuliffe, Chief Executive Officer, Middlesex Savings Bank

"Thank you so very much for the outstanding job you did yesterday at the General Student Services Retreat. Both topics, ​"​​Minimizing the Impacts of ​Unconscious Bias​"​ and ​"​​Strengthening Multigenerational Relationships", were well received.​ Attendees, including management staff, said they learned quite a lot from your presentation and in fact, going forward will be more mindful of micro-messaging as it relates to Unconscious Bias and a greater understanding of Millennials, having been informed of the lens thro​ugh which they view life. Very informative!​"

Agnes Jordan, Associate Director of General Student Services, Office of Student Services Boston College

"We invited Lauren Rikleen to speak at the Legal Marketing Association New England Chapter's June lunch program and we had extremely positive feedback from attendees.  The legal industry is constantly challenged by the differences ​among generations - ​Baby ​Boomers, ​Gen​Xers and ​Millennials - and how they relate to one another in the workplace. Lauren's presentation was engaging and insightful and provided useful information on the strengths and value each generation brings. She also gave strategies on how to strengthen inter​-generational teams and why doing so is important for organizations. Attendees walked away with best practices they could implement immediately at their firms.  We highly recommend Lauren as a presenter." 

Katie Rutter, President, Katie Rutter Consulting and President, Legal Marketing Association New England Chapter

"Like all voluntary bar associations, the New York State Bar Association is trying to appeal to the younger generation of attorneys and invited Lauren Rikleen to speak about Millennials at our annual Section Leaders Conference. Her insight, thoughtfulness and empathy were evident. She helped us understand the cultural differences between the generations and how to avoid the culture clashes that too often – unnecessarily – occur. The key, it seems, is universal: respect, inclusion and human contact."  

Claire P. Gutekunst, President, New York State Bar Association

"Though I have heard plenty of anecdotal reports from both Baby Boomers and Millennials, I have never heard such a concise and well-supported explanation of the generational differences that exist, and such a validating list of suggested ways to bridge the gap.  I think these are invaluable conversations for professional symbiosis across generations."

Abigail K. Johnson, Faculty Assistant, Harvard Business School

"Thank you so much for taking the time to present at Career Counselors' Consortium meeting.  Many of the participants from the session have thanked us, the committee for bringing you to the CCC.  I thought I was aware of the challenges different generations experience in the workplace, but your presentation and suggestions for strategies gave me a new lens with which to consider and hopefully better understand the different issues and more importantly, accept and work with the differences.  The discussion that took place during the second half about our own experiences in the workplace allowed us to voice our sentiments and frustrations we don't often have opportunities to say out loud. I left your session with a different perspective of how to not only develop stronger relationships with my colleagues from other generations, but also, as a career counselor, the necessity of addressing this area as our clients enter the workplace.  Thank you for opening our eyes and giving us context, language and optimism."

Anne Grieves, Pre-Law/Graduate School Advisor, Career Development, Northeastern University

"I just wanted to thank you once again for sharing your time, talent and expertise with COGEL this week!  Your presentation was so interesting and it generated such wonderful conversation – not just during the session but afterwards, too!  You do such a wonderful job of relaying important and interesting information but also allowing the attendees to participate in the dialogue." 

Susan Willeke, Education & Communications Administrator, Ohio Ethics Commission

"Lauren, you are truly an inspiration! Your insights and wisdom on building strong multigenerational teams was of great interest to participants in the 2015 Inspiring Women in STEM Conference. Your session opened the eyes of many in the audience to the unique traits and challenges facing the millennial generation. As one of the Baby Boomers in the room noted, 'I'm recognizing that I need to adjust and understand what some others are going through. It's very different than when I was entering the workforce.'. Thank you for encouraging, supporting and inspiring our women scientists and engineers!"

Jennifer Kmiec, Founder, Inspiring Women in STEM

"On behalf of Lex Mundi, I would like to formally thank you for your participation in the 2015 Lex Mundi Leadership Summit and Annual Conference in New Orleans. Your presentation on Millennia/s, Career Success and Building Strong Workplace Teams provided critical insights and helpful suggestions that Lex Mundi member firm lawyers can utilize in their daily practice. In addition, we appreciate you speaking to the Women in the Law Committee on Saturday morning. This was a memorable conference and our initial feedback has been very positive, We understand that it takes a significant amount of work to prepare a successful program. The attendees are most appreciative, and I am very grateful for your time and commitment."

Carl E. Anduri, Jr. President of Lex Mundi 

"When I first spoke with Lauren Rikleen I knew she would be a good fit for our EMERGE 15 conference. Hosted by Commerce Lexington, our local chamber, the conference seeks to unify area young professionals. We target emerging leaders for the full-day conference, and this year, encouraged employers and community leaders to join us for Lauren’s keynote held during the conference luncheon. Speaking to a multigenerational audience, Lauren provided insights on how fundamental differences in the way Millennials, Gen X’ers, and Baby Boomers approach work can create conflict for workplace teams.  Her suggestions for mending disconnects among the generations were fantastic! Lauren graciously agreed to lead a breakout session following lunch for additional Q&A with conference attendees.  Many millennials showed up seeking guidance on how to navigate difficult workplace dynamics they are currently facing. Lauren definitely delivered the outcomes we were expecting. It was a pleasure working with Lauren and she made an impact on our attendees. Commerce Lexington is appreciative of her time and expertise shared at EMERGE 15."

Amy Stallard, Director, Leadership Development, Commerce Lexington Inc.

"We invited Lauren Rikleen to speak as part of Clark University’s Women’s Leadership Lunch Series that features influential and successful women in the community. The event was our first in Boston and it sold out very quickly.

Clark alumnae from ​Millennials, to ​Generation ​X-ers and ​Baby ​Boomers were on hand for the discussion on developing the next generation of leaders. Our luncheon was an interactive and engaging opportunity to learn about Ms. Rikleen’s research while formulating practical applications for the variety of workplaces represented.

One alumna said 'Lauren was an excellent speaker and the topic of ​​Millennials in the workplace was especially relevant and informative.' Another commented, 'This was an eye opening afternoon. I had never made the connection between my own ​Millennial children and the young people with whom I work. Kudos to Lauren for helping all of us figure out how to work together more productively.'

Lauren is both a dynamic speaker and a pragmatic researcher. We highly recommend having her address your group."

Carole Allen Scannell, University Advancement, Clark University

"Lauren Stiller Rikleen was a hit with the Women’s Law Center at Boston College Law School! Lauren spoke about her latest book You Raised Us—Now Work With Us, addressing the challenges that millennials encounter in a multigenerational workplace. Lauren is such a refreshing voice on this topic; not only are her findings balanced and intellectually honest, but she is extremely open and always curious about constantly learning more on the subject by taking in the anecdotes and experiences of others. We had great conversations on conflicting advice women receive on dressing for the workplace, being true to yourself in choosing the company/firm/workplace you enter, and finding workable solutions for overcoming communication barriers between generations at the office. After 1.5 hours of discussion, we weren’t ready to say goodbye to Lauren, but classes called—we could have sat talking with her for hours. We will just have to invite her back for another conversation on this extremely relevant and interesting topic— everyone needs to learn how to thrive in the multigenerational workplace! Looking forward to reading her book!"

Women’s Law Center of Boston College Law School

"I wanted to personally say thank you for your insightful presentations.  Obviously, as a woman who is part of the “millennial” generation, the topics of discussion were incredibly timely.  Since deciding I wanted to go to law school and work for a large firm, the impact that being a woman might have on my career has been floating around in the back of my head (when it wasn’t forced to the front), even as I tell myself that things are so much more progressive now than even 10 years ago.  Additionally, throughout the interview process, I remember being struck by the ostensible incompatibility between the biglaw culture and the desire that I, and many of my classmates, had to create a more balanced lifestyle prioritizing, like you mentioned, health and personal wellness outside of work.  Conversations with my classmates, friends, and colleagues since then have centered on the same concerns.

I think these questions are things all of my new associate colleagues and I were aware of when we chose this career. We want to work hard and are willing to fit into the craziness that is 24/7 availability, but we hope to create something better than we’ve been told to expect. It is something I am and have been very interested in addressing going forward.  I’m just waiting to have the power!"

Anonymous Testimonial

"As chair of the book series subcommittee on the NYC Bar Association's Women in the Profession Committee, I recently attended a book series presentation focusing on You Raised Us on that Lauren conducted for us.  Lauren spoke about the negative preconceptions of millennials and how some of these biases can be bridged to create more effective and productive intergenerational workplace teams. Her talk was both well organized and beautifully delivered.  Although the program was only one hour in duration, Lauren presented extensive amounts of information from her research while also skillfully leading an active and engaged discussion among the attendees. She left her grateful audience with no questions unanswered and much to think about.  It was a pleasure to have her with us."

Carroll Welch, Legal Career Coach and Counselor, Carroll Welch Consulting

"On behalf of the Women in the Profession Committee and the Career Advancement and Management Committee, I would like to thank you for joining us at the NYC Bar Association for a wonderful program.  

Your extensive research, knowledge, and the active conversation in the room made for an exciting and interesting event.  I especially enjoyed your segment on tips and strategies to navigate generational differences, and I hope that we will slowly see these changes in the workplace."

Kathleen Kelly, New York Law School Law Review

"Rikleen’s insights into the unique values and characteristics of millennials provides a solid framework, backed by research, to recruit, retain and develop a new generation of leaders."  

Mary Ann Boyle, Professional Development Manager, International Association of Business Communicators

"Lauren led our firm wide generational training and incisively educated us on generational issues in the workplace, eliciting deep discussion and moving us to a leading edge place from which we will better appreciate our differing strengths and gifts. She is a powerful leader, a compelling speaker, a learned researcher, an intuitive collaborator who understands her audience and her topic and deftly forges a bond between them."

Teresa K.D. Currier

Chair, Women's Development Initiative, Saul Ewing LLP

"We retained Lauren Rikleen to lead a session for partners entitled: Effective Strategies For Successful Cross-Generational Teamwork. Her talk was the best presentation on the topic I have seen to date. The research was current, relevant, and in some cases, surprising. It provoked the most thoughtful discussion we have had in our firm about the issues. Lauren's willingness to use the research as a platform from which to dive into these challenging situations was very helpful to us. Lauren's facilitation skills, as well as the credibility she brings to the table based on her experiences as a law firm partner, allowed us to move past some of our tired, old conversations and frame our dialogue in a more productive way. We look forward to bringing Lauren back to the firm to conduct further sessions on this topic, and recommend her highly for her insights and extraordinary communication skills."

Rina Mayman, Director of Professional Development at Edwards Wildman Palmer LLP

Lauren was our guest speaker for a Millennials event held at the Staples Corporate office and I have to say she was absolutely amazing. She truly is an expert in the generational gap and speaks to it intelligently like no one else I have seen. Lauren gives hope of a common workplace between the Baby Boomer generation and the Millennials generation. There is so much potential for a better workplace when both generations have a better understanding for one another and leave behind stereotypes that can lead to tension in the workplace. She not only presented but also took time to spend with our group following her presentation to answer any questions we had. On behalf of the Young Professionals Associate Resource Group, we would like to Thank You for all the thought and effort you put into making our event a success.

Staples Young Professionals Associate Resource Group Testimonial

“We asked Lauren to speak at our Women’s In-house Counsel lunch meeting this month. Lauren shared her insights on success strategies for gender equity to a large room full of senior level in-house attorneys and she also prompted a great conversation among our guests. Since the talk, we have received glowing accolades about her talk from so many of our guests. Lauren offered great advice on how to negotiate salaries, how to assert ourselves more effectively and how to be more successful in the work place. Her insight and suggestions were cutting edge, thought provoking and extremely helpful. It was a pleasure to have Lauren present as our key note speaker. She made us look great, and she was a tremendous asset to our meeting.”

Nancy B. Reiner, Managing Director, Major, Lindsey & Africa

"Lauren Rikleen presented to our Firm on the topic of unconscious bias. Even those who attended reluctantly were impressed by her command of the subject and her ability to actively engage the audience. Our attorneys left with more self-awareness and practical strategies for challenging their own biases. I highly recommend Ms. Rikleen and look forward to working with her again."

Dani Kalafat, Director of Professional Development & Diversity, Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney

"Lauren Rikleen's Navigator Career Workshop is thought-provoking and motivational. It helped me better understand and be prepared to address possible biases in the legal profession, and also challenged me to consider my professional future and overall career path. Another significant difference between this seminar and others is the one-on-one advice Ms. Rikleen offered the participants after the seminar. That follow-up telephone conference helped me to put my professional goals in motion and take my career to the next step. Her wisdom and advice is extremely valuable to anyone thinking strategically about their career direction."

Carrie A. Kercsmar, Kercsmar & Feltus PLLC

"Lauren Stiller Rikleen, a published author and a director of our Bank, was recently a guest presenter for our women’s leadership group. Lauren’s presentation delighted and engaged our audience of fifty women officers, as she shared her experience and awareness on a few of the challenges that business professionals face in the workplace. Lauren also provided useful insights on professional networks and relationships, and on ways for women to think strategically about leadership, risk, and career advancement. Her presentation was motivating, interesting, and very topical, and we hope to have her return to speak with us."


Karen M. Curtis, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Middlesex Savings Bank

"The New Hampshire Bar Association Gender Equality Committee invited Lauren Rikleen to help us train law firm and government attorney leadership. Ms. Rikleen’s presentation on the topic of 'Eliminating Gender Bias in Recruiting, Mentoring, Evaluating and Promoting Women' was terrific. She skillfully used scientific evidence and real life examples to open our eyes to the reality of unconscious gender bias. Ms. Rikleen provided a valuable service to New Hampshire’s legal community and I highly recommend her as a speaker and expert on gender equality issues."

Lauren Simon Irwin, Esq., Chair of Gender Equality Committee

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Lauren for several years and of listening to Lauren speak on many occasions. Each and every time, she is engaging, thought-provoking and dynamic. Lauren presented the findings on gender bias in the evaluation process at the DRI Sharing Success Seminar. She was a complete superstar and one of the highlights of the conference. She provided each and every attendee with issues to consider within their own businesses, firms and companies and with concrete suggestions on how to address these findings. Lauren speaks from her experience combined with her research, which provides a level of understanding that is unmatched. She inspires women to be leaders and identifies opportunities for decision-makers to allow for such success. If you are looking for guidance on anything from generational differences to leadership strategies to eliminating gender bias, Lauren is the person to guide you."

Heidi Goldstein, Partner and Chair of the Women's Initiative, Thompson Hine LLP

"Lauren's keynote address was a terrific kickoff to Sidley's annual women partners' retreat. Her insights into the challenges faced by women in leadership at law firms -- past, present and future -- provided a strong foundation and important food for thought regarding many of the issues we sought to address throughout the program. I would highly recommend Lauren to any organization looking for an inspiring speaker who can talk knowledgably and with sophistication about women's leadership."

Laurin Blumenthal Kleiman, Co-Chair, Committee on Retention and Promotion of Women, Sidley Austin LLP

“Thank you for speaking to the 100 in-house legal professionals who attended the AkzoNobel global legal conference in the Netherlands. Our department is quite diverse with representatives from Europe, North America, Asia, South America, the Middle East and Africa. Your message on unconscious bias and working across multi-generations resonated with all, as evidenced by the extensive questions you received from lawyers in all of these regions. You helped us put some serious issues on the table and your insights will make us a stronger, more effective function.”

Sven Dumoulin, Executive Committee, General Counsel, Advocaat at AkzoNobel N.V. 

"Ms. Rikleen delivered a very high level and thought provoking presentation that caused participants to re-examine the possible biases they may bring with them to the recruitment, evaluation and promotion process. I would highly recommend her for training and workshops."

Diane Saunders, Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C.


"Thank you again for speaking with the WBA's Women's Leadership Initiative. You did an excellent job presenting the issues and synthesizing the input from the group. The participants were clearly engaged, as demonstrated by the open and provocative discussion that flowed quite naturally through the course of your presentation. We especially appreciated being updated on some of the recent scientific data relating to gender bias, which only highlights the importance of continuing to identify and respond to "unconscious" gender stereotyping in the workplace."

Pamela E. Berman, Esquire, Adler Pollock & Sheehan P.C

Christine M. Netski, Sugarman, Rogers, Barshak & Cohen, P.C.

"Thank you for coming to speak at our recent event in Greater Philadelphia! I am delighted to tell you that we have received tremendous feedback from those who attended the breakfast and in fact, several people have called to request additional copies of your book.

Your words resonated with the audience, particularly with regard to the disconnects you uncovered in your interviews. I especially liked the idea of evaluations based on performance versus potential. You clearly have had a remarkable career and experience around many of these issues, and your book speaks to many professions, not just the legal profession. I look forward to the opportunity for continued dialogue and I wish you great success with your book."

Tara L. Weiner, Managing Partner, Greater Philadelphia Region, Deloitte, LLP

"Lauren was an excellent addition to our panel on “Measuring Success and Helping Other Women Along the way” during our Women in the Law event at Northeastern University School of Law. She brought a wealth of current background data and knowledge about the effect of gender bias in the workplace that brought women’s personal experiences in the legal field to life, as measurable trends and statistics. This set the stage for a meaningful dialogue about ideas for moving forward, individually and collectively. Her knowledge and personable approach are unbeatable."

Navjeet Bal and Kelly Douglas, Co-Chairs, Northeastern University School of Law “Women in the Law” program

"Lauren spoke to the Idaho Academy of Leadership for Lawyers about her work and research on the intergenerational differences that surround us in the workplace and in our families and communities. Her presentation was engaging, effective and thought provoking. Our audience spanned the adult generational continuum, from third year law students to senior attorneys and judges. Some of the “millennials” in the audience commented on the value of opening the dialogue and establishing the vocabulary for discussing inter-generational differences, particularly with their boomer professors, mentors and bosses. Everyone left feeling enriched for the time spent in this fascinating dialogue with Lauren. We highly recommend her, if you are interested in understanding and responding to these important issues in your life and practice."

Deborah A. Ferguson and Peg Doughtery, Steering Committee, Idaho Academy of Leadership for Lawyers


"Lauren has a unique ability to speak on intergenerational issues in a way that is thought-provoking and informative, while at the same time being light and engaging. She speaks in a way that is interactive, clearly not a 'canned' presentation."

Mark S. Kaufman and B. Summer Chandler

"I wanted to let you know that a few of my colleagues have heard you speak, and are so inspired and impressed by your work. Your recent focus on unconscious bias has been so helpful to so many of us. It is such a relief and a comfort to know that someone is out there shedding light on issues that most of us deal with every day. Not only so others can know what we’re dealing with, but, even more importantly, so we know that we are not alone. Thank you so much for all you do."

Sarah Villanueva, Esq.


“Lauren Rikleen spoke at our Women in Banking conference. She delivered a compelling presentation on the challenges and problems facing women in business today using current research. She also provided some tools to overcome these challenges. The audience was completely engaged and stayed focused on her and the stories she shared. The audience gave her high marks for her presentation. I would definitely recommend her to speak at your event.”

Tanya M. Duncan, Director of Management Development, Massachusetts Bankers Association

"Squire, Sanders & Dempsey, LLP retained Lauren Rikleen to provide advice and counsel relating to the launch of its Women’s Initiative. As part of her assignment, she interviewed both partners and associates about the firm’s practices and policies, and met with the Firm’s Management Committee and its Practice Leadership Group. She also made a presentation to the entire global partnership at a firm retreat. In addition, Lauren has also conducted partner-level training programs for the firm.

In all phases of her assignment, Lauren provided wise counsel and demonstrated remarkable insight. She has very strong communication skills which permitted her to relate to partners and associates with an effective mix of intelligence, experience, wit and humor. Her perspectives and observations reflected an in-depth understanding of the current challenges and opportunities facing the legal profession.

We would recommend Lauren without hesitation to any law firm or law department interested in working to provide a more inclusive workplace. Her experiences as a successful law firm partner and mediator are invaluable in helping her tender practical and constructive suggestions and recommendations that can form the basis for positive change."

R. Thomas Stanton, Chair Emeritus, Squire, Sanders & Dempsey, LLP

"Lauren Stiller Rikleen gave a very engaging talk to a group of about 25 undergraduate and graduate students in the Pre-Law Society at Clark University. Lauren discussed the challenges of balancing professional life and family life for this generation of new lawyers, both men and women. She also compared some of the work life differences when working as a government lawyer as opposed to working in a large private law firm. She graciously answered many of their questions about the work of lawyers. The students found the talk to be extremely informative and thought provoking. They were quite impressed with her ability to answer their wide range of questions about the legal profession, law school, and other career planning issues. Lauren brought a clear depth of background and experience to the presentation. I would highly recommend her to other colleges and universities as a knowledgeable speaker whose breadth goes beyond the legal profession, and includes the wide variety of workplace issues that any student will face once in the workplace."

Mark Miller, J.D., Ph.D., Director of the Law & Society Program and Professor of Political Science/Government at Clark University

"Lauren was an invaluable part of our 15th Annual Women In Law Enforcement Conference in Salem, Massachusetts. Throughout the conference, Lauren stayed connected to our mission and vision and addressed all of the many workplace questions we asked. Lauren tackled all of our issues, concerns and ideas on gender equity as well. Her transparency and powers of observation were also much appreciated. Sometimes in law enforcement, officers attend conferences to learn new tools, but can't translate what they have learned into the workplace. Lauren's presentation was certainly filled with "Real Value."

Kimberly Jo O'Hara Prentice, Assistant Superintendent of Essex County Sheriff's Department, Middleton, Massachusetts

"During our last firm retreat, Lauren Rikleen led and facilitated one of the most candid and open discussions our firm has ever had on the topic of diversity. Lauren is an experienced attorney - not just a consultant - who knows how law firms work. Her challenge to carefully examine our internal procedures to be certain they are not inadvertently acting as impediments to retaining and advancing women and other minorities is one we have taken to heart. I highly recommend Lauren as a guide to assist making any law firm a better place to work for all attorneys."

Kevin F. McKeegan, Meyer, Unkovic & Scott LLP

"Lauren Stiller Rikleen is a talented facilitator whose tailored Navigator Career Workshops incorporate a vast wealth of helpful information garnered from in-depth research Lauren has conducted over the years. Lauren presented her workshop to a group of female attorneys in Phoenix through the Arizona Women Lawyers Association. This was AWLA's first career training/leadership conference and we wanted a facilitator who could address not only 'rainmaking' but a variety of other topics including expanding or transitioning one's practice and becoming successful in a variety of practice areas. We had a wide array of attorneys from both private and public practice, with a spectrum of experience levels. Lauren was able to integrate the needs of our participants into her presentation, and she offered one-on-one practical advice to attendees in a 45-minute follow up telephonic conference. I took advantage of that opportunity, which I found very valuable. I highly recommend Lauren and her workshops to any women lawyers' organization."

Lori Voepel, Appellate Attorney, Jones, Skelton & Hochuli, PLC

"I had the pleasure of attending a discussion led by Attorney Lauren Rikleen at Clark University. Extremely knowledgeable in a variety of topics, Attorney Rikleen answered a wide range of questions posed by students in a very caring and enthusiastic manner, ensuring that all were given her utmost attention. I was fortunate enough to meet Attorney Rikleen at the end of her talk, and after noting my intention to attend law school in the fall, she offered to help me in the selection process. She is a true leader in the profession, who genuinely cares about those currently within the field and those who wish to enter it."

Stephen Segal, Clark University, BA History '10, MA History '11

"During my term as president of the Women's Bar Association of Massachusetts, Lauren received the Bar's prestigious Lelia J. Robinson Award for her contributions to the legal profession. In front of a capacity crowd of 1,500, she delivered an inspirational acceptance speech with the humility and humor she is known for ... .

Since Lauren's book, Ending the Gauntlet: Removing Barriers to Women's Success in the Law, was published ... she has been invited to speak in many venues across the country. As an audience member, I have listened to her speak at various professional conferences and events. Each time, I was impressed with her ability to share new perspectives and wisdom based on her ongoing dedicated research.

Her presentations are clear, focused and carefully tailored for each audience. Lauren's warm humor and her insight into the human spirit resonates with her audiences, regardless of experience level, whether senior management or younger women struggling to find their place in the working world."

Pamela E. Berman, Esq., Adler, Pollock & Sheehan, P.C.

"The Arizona Women Lawyers Association hired Lauren to conduct her Navigator Career Workshop with a group of fifty female attorneys, which included a wide range of experience levels that ranged from new associates to partners. At our event, Lauren inspired engaging discussion, and participants of all experience levels received helpful information during the Navigator Career Workshop. Additionally, each participant had the opportunity to schedule a forty-five minute follow up phone call to discuss her individual career goals with Lauren. During the follow up call, Lauren provides invaluable advice to each participant based on her individual needs. I look forward to implementing Lauren's advice into my legal practice."

Franci Fealk, Associate at Kutak Rock LLP

"Lauren inspired a diverse group of alumni as the featured speaker at the Albany Law School Alumnae Program, “Successes and Challenges Facing Women Attorneys,” in Rochester, New York. Her presentation was lively and thought-provoking as she provided a fresh look at the issues facing women in the legal profession. Lauren also generated much discussion and interest with her analysis of generational issues impacting the workplace in general and women in particular. We have been receiving accolades about the program from attendees.”

Laura Liebman, Esq., Advancement Officer, Office of Institutional Advancement, Albany Law School 

"Lauren, I sincerely want to thank you for taking time today to speak with us. Your comments have encouraged discussion (and thought). A great success. Your presentation was superb: thoughtful, honest, articulate and professional. Thanks again."

Ron W. Ruth, Managing Partner, Sherin and Lodgen, LLP

"Lauren's presentation at our Firm's First annual Women's Forum Retreat in Philadelphia was outstanding. Her workshop was full of important data, numerous insights, and helpful career advice for everyone present. Moreover, Lauren did all this in a straight-forward and engaging manner, even comfortably regaining her poise and resuming her remarks following a surprise appearance by presidential candidate Hillary Clinton which interrupted her presentation and caused quite a stir in the morning proceedings. Our Firm looks forward to continuing our relationship with Lauren."

Carl M.Bucholz, Esq., Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer, Blank Rome, LLP

"Thank you, Lauren, for the excellent presentation you delivered for the YWCA Boston annual meeting. Your remarks were insightful, informative, and inspiring to all of our board and association members and guests. People were very appreciative of your work, especially of the details and stories you shared from your research interviews. The question and answer period was lively, and I think added a lot to the presentation. I especially liked the advice you gave about remedying the issues and preparing young women properly at the start of their careers. It's always enjoyable when someone can address such a serious topic in a serious manner, but with just the right touch of humor and hopefulness. Thank you for doing such a great job."

Sylvia Ferrell-Jones, Present & CEO, YWCA Boston

"Thank you very much for being our keynote speaker at GAWL's [Georgia Association for Women Lawyers] annual dinner ... Several members commented that you were the best speaker that we have had in the past few years. The work you have done to help women advance in the practice of law is quite remarkable."

Sandra Malkin, Esq., Georgia Association for Women Lawyers Special Events Committee Chair

"I attended Lauren's discussion in Philadelphia and I enjoyed it very much. I find that too often issues related to women's advancement in the legal profession are presented in a negative way. It was both refreshing and inspiring to hear Lauren's take on things, especially given what she has achieved professionally."

Kate Katchen, Esq., Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld, LLP

"Leading Women Mass was honored to have Lauren Stiller Rikleen as a guest speaker at a recent Leading Women Mass Strategic Networking breakfast to speak to the topic of "Strengthening Multi-Generational Teams". Combined with the right mix of humor and research, Lauren delivered an informative presentation for our members to gain a better understanding of generational needs, wants, and expectations. By presenting each perspective of Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials, Lauren delivered impactful messaging to which every person in the audience could personally connect and relate. Our members appreciated leaving with tips and tools they could put to work right away. Thanks for empowering our members with this eye-opening presentation."

Victoria Waterman, President, Leading Women Mass

"I want to thank Lauren for undertaking this huge task and for caring so much about our profession and women to devote her life to this .... This just might be the catalyst we have all been waiting for to see some significant changes in the law firm world. Her book is a masterpiece!"

Susan J. Crane, Esq., Law Office of Susan J. Crane

"Thank you, Lauren, for conducting such enlightening and productive workshops for the women attorneys of Davis & Gilbert LLP. Davis & Gilbert is committed to fostering a more diverse and inclusive workplace and your workshops were a great way to kick off our Women's Initiative. Lauren provided attendees with great advice about building business, mentoring relationships, and balancing work with family.

Davis & Gilbert applauds Lauren's efforts to help advance women in the legal profession. I highly recommend Lauren's Navigator® Career Workshop for any firm interested in accomplishing these objectives."

Jennifer Tafet Klausner, Esq., Davis & Gilbert LLP New York

"Lauren Stiller Rikleen answered many questions about ways to improve the work/life of women attorneys and provided important information on how I can proactively advance my own position in my law firm without jeopardizing my personal life."

"Lauren was an excellent speaker who kept my attention throughout the entire program."

"I was totally fascinated by Lauren Stiller Rikleen's perspective."

"As a young attorney, I gained historical perspective on how law firms' structures came to be, and had my eyes opened about how I could take control over my career."

"I heard many new ideas about changing cultures in the workplace and I intend to bring them back to my firm and try and initiate change - even if only in a small way."

Exerpts of comments from evaluation forms after a New York County Lawyers' Association CLE Institute presentation

"The sessions at which Lauren spoke in Boston, Philadelphia, and New York were among the most successful we held for any audience in the region in the past year. We received high turnout, in part I believe because of Lauren's reputation and the related interest in hearing her speak.

Feedback from participants was unanimously positive, with emphasis on both the strength of the content and the high quality of her delivery. ... I found Lauren a very warm and engaging speaker, at ease with interacting with the audience and fielding questions, both simple and provocative.

I think the fact that we practically had to kick people out of the room to finally end the ensuing discussions is a great testament to how much Lauren stimulated discussion and interest!"

Lisa Pacenza, Manager, Northeast Marketing & Business Development, Deloitte

"In her many roles over the past year as chairperson, solo presenter and even panelist, Lauren has proven her versatility time and again. Lauren's passion for this important issue is evident not only through her highly impressive background, but also through the energy that she effortlessly exudes during her presentations. Her ability to connect with each delegate is unparalleled, and the inquisitiveness and respect that she treats each attendee with is outstanding. Consequently, Lauren repeatedly creates a "symposium-like" environment where each individual is comfortable and compelled to speak freely. It is Lauren's ability to promote interaction and stimulate conversation through her own presentations and also as a help to other members of the speaking faculty that may not be as apt at promoting Q & A that I am always so impressed and grateful for (esp. from a production standpoint).

As the feedback forms from our conferences repeatedly prove, it is Lauren's likeable sense of humor and approachable demeanor coupled with her knowledge of the topic that repeatedly reserve her position as the 'crowd favorite.' Personally, I cannot speak highly enough of Lauren's ability to effortlessly engage an entire audience, keep on task with time management, and go above and beyond by building relationships with the audience that go beyond the conference itself."

Tricia Hyland, ARKGroup USA

"Ms. Rikleen, thank you for taking the time to come and speak with the Pre-Law students at Clark University. I enjoyed hearing your ideas about the current condition of the legal profession and what measures can be taken to ensure equality. All of the students that I have spoken with agreed, that your presentation was especially helpful in gaining an idea about what personal and business challenges are faced, day to day, by attorneys. Again, thank you for your presentation and I look forward to reading more about your work in reforming the legal profession."

Matt Diamond, Clark University '11, President of Pre-Law Society

"Lauren Stiller Rikleen presented an excellent program for our Women Lawyers and Judges Retreat in Delaware. Ms. Rikleen arrived the day before her presentation, which enabled her to meet many of the attendees at a social event that night. We all enjoyed her delightful company. We were especially impressed with how Ms. Rikleen used a very brief amount of time to grasp the dynamics of the group, as well as the varied personal and professional issues being faced. Although the majority of the attendees were women, the audience was diverse in many ways, including judges from numerous courts; newly admitted lawyers and lawyers with decades of experience; government to domestic relations. Even with such a diverse audience, Ms. Rikleen commanded the attention of the entire group with a compelling and entertaining presentation. She handled questions deftly, and directed the group dynamics in a positive way. We all learned a tremendous amount, and came away with some very concrete ideas for more effective mentoring in our community."

Andrea L. Rocanelli, Chief Counsel, Office of Disciplinary Counsel, Wilmington, Delaware

"I'm so thrilled for Lauren and hope that she receives all the success that she deserves for this ground breaking book."

Vicki Donlan, author [and Helen French Graves] of "Her Turn: Why It's Time for Women to Lead in America"

"Having survived three years in a law firm (and survive was the key word), I could definitely relate to the stories in this book. The only shocking part is that I was in a law firm over 10 years ago, and nothing seems to have changed. Ending the Gauntlet, however, is more than a compendium of stories of women being mommy-tracked. It looks at the structure of a law firm itself and how that contributes to the workplace issues for everyone, not just women. I particularly loved the Prologue (worth the price of the book itself, especially if you have my warped sense of humor), because it describes how a bizarre sort of company is run where performance for all employees is based solely on money they personally earn for the company; the managing director/CEO is only 'part-time' because he too has to earn money to keep his title; turnover is high; management is minimal or nonexistent; and people are given management positions because they are 'least objectionable' to others; part-time is extended but discouraged as it cuts into billable hours ... and you finally start to realize that while the rest of the world has moved forward, law firms are relics of days gone by."

Diane K. Danielson, CEO, Downtown Women's Club

"Finally someone honestly addresses many of the major problems facing the legal profession today. As a former attorney, I can relate to many of the issues raised by Ms. Rikleen in her book. I entered the legal profession as a second career and was dismayed by the attitudes I encountered toward female attorneys and toward the concept of creating a healthier work environment. While on the average, female attorneys suffer the most from antiquated and sexist ideas regarding what it means to practice law, the entire legal profession suffers as well. It is time for ALL attorneys to stop the craziness. All attorneys, firm managers and human development people should read this book."

Kathleen Austin, Esq., Boston

"Ms. Rikleen's book is an insightful and well reasonsed review of issues affecting the legal profession today and how those forces often work against the advancement of women attorneys. Ending the Gauntlet provides a comprehensive review of the issues facing women today, extensive research about these concerns and recommendations for change. The book's approach is a refreshing one noting that while women face day to day challenges to succeed given our culture, the real problem is the one faced the legal profession overall. Ms. Rikleen rightly appreciates that it is time to redefine what it means to be sucessful in the legal profession. She offers hope that the legal profession can allow the opportunity for all lawyers to succeed and in achieving that success, there is a place for serving clients, raising healthy children, caring for elderly parents and participating in our communities."

E. Lynn Grayson, Esq., Jenner & Block LLP

"In her thoroughly researched and heavily footnoted book, Lauren Stiller Rikleen examines this troublesome issue: why many female lawyers still have not achieved the same professional success as their male counterparts. Rikleen delves into the challenging topics including part-time work, and what happens to the careers of women who opt for that route. She also explains other factors that contribute to the success of male lawyers' careers (being mentored, and becoming rainmakers) and discusses why many women don't enjoy the benefit of those.

Rikleen, who is well versed in the advancement of women lawyers, concludes her book with a call to action. She argues that law firms need to make a dramatic culture shift from the top down; firms should choose management which understands and values the contributions of women attorneys (not just those who fit the traditional, full-time mold). Rikleen also hopes that law firm compensation will change to reward cooperative client development efforts, among other things.

Towards the end of the book Rikleen notes that it's not just childbearing female lawyers who seek a more manageable work/life balance; Generation X and Y lawyers of both sexes are also seeking the same. She encourages law firm leaders to redefine their firms' cultures (as happened at her firm) in order to keep their talented lawyers, both male and female."

Janet H. Moore, International Lawyer Coach

"I purchased Ending the Gauntlet after hearing many rave reviews but admit that before reading it, I had my reservations that the tone of the book would be either too shrill or academic. That was absolutely not the case. Ms. Rikleen discusses the challenges that women lawyers face and the challenges that the profession as a whole faces in a thoughtful, honest and fair voice that is truly compelling to the reader. I've recommended this book to every lawyer I know (male and female)."

K. Mendoza, Esq., Morrison Mahoney, LLP

"Ending the Gauntlet was a powerful read -- it provides a very practical and realistic view of law firm culture for women and what needs to change. I could not put it down. As a former corporate executive who now consults with law firms on sales and leadership effectiveness, Ending the Gauntlet provides the roadmap for change -- at both the individual level for women and at the firm level."

Paula Giovacchini, Akina

"'Ending the Gauntlet' focuses on removing barriers to women's success in the legal field, but its message is applicable across a broad range of professions and industries, and to a broad range of people who are not white males. The truth is that the playing field has yet to be leveled, and this book shows how that can be done."

Nancy Shilepsky, Esq., Shilepsky O'Connell Casey Hartley Michon Yelen LLP

"In Ending the Gauntlet, Lauren Stiller Rikleen emerges as an insightful business author. This highly readable, well-documented book transcends the legal profession by describing management challenges important to any professional workplace.

As illustrated in the book, some businesses, like Deloitte, are taking aggressive and creative steps to retain their women professionals. Every manager should read this book and take to heart the concise and compelling message: a successful business must effectively utilize the talents of all of its people."

J. Michael Cook, Retired Chairman and CEO, Deloitte & Touche

"Here [Ending the Gauntlet: Removing Barriers to Women's Success in the Law] is a great articulation of the problems in law firms and other service firms, many of which no one, until now, has had the courage to point out clearly and effectively.

And here is the roadmap for change. Anyone involved in a service firm should read it carefully and follow Lauren's lead."

Meredeth A. Beers, Esq., Holland & Knight, LLP

"Lauren Stiller Rikleen's writing is always direct, concise, and cutting-edge. She has her hand on the pulse of the latest legal, business, and workplace trends, which makes her articles timely and interesting. Reporters and editors alike have praised her insightful tips and succinct communication style.

To date her articles have appeared in more than 50 magazines, newspapers and web sites and have been seen by more than six million readers."

Russell Trahan, Publicist, PR/PR

"... Rikleen is right -- most of the time, behaviors that hold women back aren't motivated by bad intentions, merely cluelessness. Yet these behaviors hurt women and, consequently, the legal profession. Rikleen offers a blueprint for law firms who want to get better; the smart ones will follow it."

Carol M. Frohlinger, Negotiating Women, Inc.

"Your work is helping our generation leave a larger legacy than just opening the door to the legal profession. You have my personal thanks."

Hazel Weiser, Director of Foundation Advancement, Long Island Community Foundation